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Managing Partners Brad Godfrey and Kathy Marshall have pioneered cutting edge modular solutions for MSW, coal, plastics, and biomass conversion to power and fuel.

Kathy Marshall

Founder, Managing Partner

Kathy Marshall - MTERRA

Ms. Marshall is a highly seasoned and trusted business builder, executive manager, banker, advisor, and board member for start-ups, large global and high growth companies including 23 years at JPMorganChase.

Kathy has been responsible for the business development, management and financing of businesses spanning traditional and clean energy, transportation, equipment leasing and financial services. She is a specialist in Joint Ventures as financer, advisor, executive manager and board member. With the North American Electric Reliability Company, Ms. Marshall led the critical assessment of 50 Coal plants for the three largest U.S. coal plant owners for invest/closure decisions. Ms. Marshall co-managed the Chase Chemical merger across 56 countries in all functions and also built several supply chain and energy businesses.

Ms. Marshall developed, structured, and financed power and liquid fuel programs across peaking generation, residential/utility solar, MSW, biomass, and coal.

Kathy holds a B.S. from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from the NYU Stern School of Business.


Brad Godfrey

Founder, Managing Partner

Brad Godfrey MTERRA

Mr. Godfrey is a highly experienced public company and product commercialization executive with extensive industry experience in fuel conversion and high technology companies.

Brad was directly responsible for the integration of six acquisitions, resulting in the second largest solar inverter provider in the world, Power One (PWER). As COO, his 23 plus years resulted with the development of 28 manufacturing facilities worldwide, operating in eight countries with more than 9,000 employees under his leadership and responsibility.

Over the past 10 years he has developed, manufactured commercial, modular, highly efficient technology and operating solutions. Brad's experience includes multiple technology solutions, for thermal conversion of multiple feedstocks to energy and fuels.

Ian Hume

Project Management Engineer


Ian is a highly respected and trusted engineer, designer, constructor, operator and maintainer of waste water, waste treatment, energy, and food processing plants with extensive success in building and operating state of the art plants that solve for leading industry issues. Ian has worked with municipal, investment grade and private companies as lead manager of the design, building and operating of their most critical plants.

Ian was General Manager and Plant Manager for firms including Mars, Inc., McCormick Inc. and Southwest Water as well as lead advisor and engineer to over 50 waste water and waste treatment facilities in Europe and the Middle East. In aggregate Ian has designed, built and managed plants aggregating well over $1Billion in capital investment. Ian was educated at Brunel University, UK with a Bachelors of Technology Honors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Terry Holland

Coal Logistics Officer


Terry Holland has over 35 years of extensive experience in business development and executive management in private industry as well as the government sector. Private sector clients ranged from pulp and paper, coal mining and petroleum industries to industrial manufacturing. Governmental sector agencies included the Department of Energy, United States Army Corps of Engineers, and Department of Defense. Services rendered include environmental remediation, technical staff augmentation, dredging, dewatering and waste disposal using various equipment and remediation methods.

Mr. Holland has negotiated and managed large-scale commercial and governmental contracts in the United States and has a strong track record of increasing profitability within highly competitive organizations. During his earlier career, Mr. Holland co-founded a nuclear services company, which grew to 550 contract employees and $25M in revenues.